The Scarifyers: Issue 1

by Bafflegab Productions

  • Scarifyers Comic book

    Part one of The Scarifyers comic book, written by Simon Barnard, illustrated by 2000AD artist Simon Gurr and sporting a handsome cover from ligne claire legend Garen Ewing.

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An adaptation of the first audio adventure, The Nazad Conspiracy, but with better pictures, extra spookiness and added jokes.

Set in 1936 London, the first part of the tale follows Detective Inspector Lionheart’s investigation of a mysterious death at the home of academic and ghost-story author Professor Dunning.


released May 21, 2012

32 pages


"The Scarifyers is a wonderful little comic series, perfectly contained within its own genre trappings, this time sitting somewhere between Quatermass and classic Blake & Mortimer. Executed with style, expertly written, full of great characters, sparkling dialogue, and some quite magnificent artwork from Simon Gurr. I loved it.

From the very first page, right the way through to the end, I was gripped, really enjoying this delightful piece of genre fiction, one of those works that just fills me with absolute joy that it exists. It’s not arthouse, nor is it the sort of overblown action superhero thing Marvel and DC would have you believe is the mainstream. No, this is part of the REAL mainstream, the sort of comic Uncle George would read, would understand, would enjoy. The Scarifyers is my new favourite thing in mainstream comics."


"This is more like it, a stiff shot of blackly humorous supernatural themed adventures and investigations set in thirties Britain! ‘The Scarifyers’ started life as an audio drama / series of plays by Cosmic Hobo, and has recently made the transition to comics, and if this issue, the first of, hopefully, many, is any indication of what’s to come, then ‘The Scarifyers’ future in print is destined to be glorious!

Sharp, witty dialogue, a fantastic story and beautiful artwork combine to ensure that ‘The Scarifyers’ debut issue is one of the strongest opening chapters that it’s been my pleasure to read in more than three decades of comic devotion, that ends on a superb old style cliff hanger that leaves you desperately wanting to happens next. Absolutely brilliant, and just what the Doctor ordered!!! Tally ho!!!!"


"From audio to comic is a big leap of adaptation... but series creator Simon Barnard has turned in a witty, well-paced script that doesn’t feel overly talky. Artist Simon Gurr... does a wonderful, dramatic job. From the striking first splash page of a man running through the stark London snow, a bird looking down from above, Gurr’s work is striking and engaging, packing a lot on to each page in terms of action, humour and character.

At 32 story pages this first issue packs in a lot of story, although it ends on a cliffhanger. Hopefully there’ll be more – in spite of its origins as an adaptation, this is an excellent page-turner in its own right, and a lot of fun. Seek it out."


"The Scarifyers is a fun little comic, a very British mix of class satire, supernatural drama, secret societies and clever dialogue, combined with some nicely creative art. I really enjoyed the thoroughly dizzying mix of story elements in this comic, which all spun and cycled around each other in a way that frequently made me feel wonderfully off-balance.

The creators are obviously having a lot of fun with this comic, and because of that fun this comic has a really entertaining sort of energy to it. The creators clearly love the story they're telling, with writer Simon Barnard obviously in love with the clever wordplay that he's created. The words in this comic sparkle and shine, twisting and turning around each other to emphasize the absurdity of the upper class twits in this story."



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